Application procedure

How can I apply?
Fill in our Application Request form and we’ll be in touch with answers to your questions and/or an application form.

You will then need to complete the application form and return it to us by email. If you have any questions about the form please get in touch! We are unable to accept partially completed forms so please ensure you’ve completed it to the best of your knowledge and have attached the correct documents.

Once we receive your application form we’ll contact your referees. When all three references have been received your application will be considered and we’ll get in touch with you about further steps – usually a language test and an interview, either here at Cornerstone or by Skype. After your interview and language test your application will be prayerfully considered by Doorstep and Cornerstone staff. If we think you’re a good fit we’ll let you know and you’ll receive a welcome pack containing further information about joining us.

Please note that due to visa regulations we are unable to accept students who do not have a European passport or who require a visa to study in the Netherlands.

We are not offering this one year programme currently. If you are interested in shorter courses or intercultural studies, please visit

Is Doorstep for you?

Are you an active follower of Jesus Christ?


Want to reach out to refugees and migrants but aren’t sure how?


Looking to take a year to grow spiritually and develop your ministry gifting?


Know that God is calling you to help internationals arriving in your area and possibly your church?


Have a desire to see your church build a thriving refugee or migrant ministry?


Feel challenged by what is happening in the world today and searching for a practical response?


Not sure how to engage your muslim neighbours in gospel conversations but eager to do so?


Excited about working with people from different cultures and seeing them come to faith in Jesus?


Want to be part of God’s rescue plan for the nations?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions then Doorstep could be for you! We are looking for committed Christians with a heart to reach the nations arriving in Europe to join us this autumn. Commit a year to your spiritual growth, learn a biblical basis to the migrant crisis and train to effectively and practically help the thousands of ‘lost’ arriving in your home town/city.
Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training

Doorstep is a programme of Cornerstone, a Bible College in The Netherlands offering a range of programmes to help you train for mission. Taught in English, and with a strong focus on intercultural mission, our courses provide a combination of academic and practical modules, equipping you for cross-cultural work and preparing you to be more effective as you explore and follow your calling into the nations.

Contact us

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