Our one year course includes the following topics/courses*

Studying the Bible

Intro to Hermeneutics: How to read the Bible

Bible Survey

Introduction to the Old Testament

Introduction to the New Testament

Theology and Missions

Biblical Theology of Missions

Contemporary Issues in Missions

God and the Bible

Creation, Humanity and the Fall

Jesus and the Meaning of the Cross

Holy Spirit

Salvation and Final Judgement


Biblical Ethics across Cultures

Communicating the Gospel Interculturally

Unlocking Islam

Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy



Children in Crisis

How to communicate the Gospel


Creative Evangelism

refugee work

Overview on history of migration

What does the Bible teach about refugees

Offering help for people facing trauma


Cultural Awareness

Basics in Cultural Awareness

Living together of Different Cultures

Cross-cultural communication

Family Structures in other Cultures

Development and Dependency Issues

Personal Growth and Interpersonal Skills

Mentoring, discipleship and Care Groups

Spiritual Practice

Interpersonal Relationships

Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork

Teamwork and Conflict Management

Practical Elements

Weekly Evangelistic Ministries

Internship in Home Church

2 weeks worth of vision trips

3 week ministry experience in Europe

6 week outreach/cultural exposure Worldwide

*Please note the curriculum is provisional and subject to change.

Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training

Doorstep is a programme of Cornerstone, a Bible College in The Netherlands offering a range of programmes to help you train for mission. Taught in English, and with a strong focus on intercultural mission, our courses provide a combination of academic and practical modules, equipping you for cross-cultural work and preparing you to be more effective as you explore and follow your calling into the nations.

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