Bible College starts new training for migrant and refugee work in Europe

The Doorstep programme aims at helping Christians to grow spiritually and equip them with biblical, theological and cross-cultural skills

Beugen, The Netherlands

Cornerstone, the WEC Bible College for Mission Training in The Netherlands, will start a new programme this coming August focused on training Christians and churches to work with refugee and migrants – Doorstep Training. The new programme, taught in English, is aimed at people who want to take a year to develop their spiritual life, learn more about the Bible and theology, and at the same time obtain practical skills to reach out to the nations coming to Europe.

For almost three decades, Cornerstone has been training believers to go into the world and make disciples in different cultures and peoples. One of the brains behind the new programme, Michael Eijgenraam, states that Doorstep is an answer to the current situation in Europe. “We are aware of the changes in the world, and in the mission world. We have been praying and asking God how we can respond to this new reality”. He comments that the main goal of Cornerstone to train people cross-culturally is not going to change but the focus of the new programme is to be on working with people arriving on our doorstep, “We have a vision to train those who want to take out a year to grow spiritually and who then want to return to their own home country, equipped to reach out to refugees and migrants” explains Eijgenraam.

Training for refugee and migrant ministryDuring the one year programme, students will be exposed to a number of theological courses and will learn tools to dig deeper into the Bible as well as taking lessons with an emphasis on working in a multi-cultural environment, cross-cultural communication and world religions. Doorstep students will be involved in weekly ministries with migrants and refugees and will also complete an Integration Assistant course.

“A very important aspect of our training is living together in community. We can have as many as 15 different cultures living at college, sharing experiences, doing weekly ministries together, and learning in a practical way how to navigate different worldviews” says Tiago Fonseca, director of Doorstep. In addition, the course involves a number of placements in Europe and overseas, giving the students hands on experience and many practical ideas to develop in their home churches.

The new programme will be run in partnership with AWM/EIMI (Korntal), Stichting Gave and Al Massira, and will draw on teaching expertise from experienced practitioners working with various mission organisations.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone is part of WEC International, an evangelical and interdenominational mission organisation. It is a Bible College in The Netherlands which offers a range of programmes to train people for mission work. All the courses are taught in English, and with a strong focus on intercultural mission. The trainings provide a combination of academic and practical modules, equipping the students for cross-cultural work and ministry.