Take a year to grow spiritually and train to meet the physical and spiritual needs of migrants and refugees

Doorstep is the new training programme offered by Cornerstone, an intercultural Bible college in The Netherlands. Taught in English, the course provides a combination of academic and practical modules designed to help you grow spiritually and equip you to reach out to the world arriving at your doorstep.


A complete training programme

We are commited to a well-rounded approach:

Step into the classroom

As a Doorstep student you’ll join modules from the core Cornerstone programmes – providing you with a strong biblical foundation to your life and future. You will also attend specific Doorstep modules focussed on meeting the needs of refugees/migrants, reaching people from different cultures and helping them integrate into your local community.

Experience Intercultural Life

Cornerstone is an international college! You will live in community and take part in the mentoring programme aiming at the development of your character, a strong spiritual life and solid relationship skills with those from other cultures.

Reach out practically

  • Weekly ministry teams
  • Placement in your home church
  • 2 week vision trip in Europe
  • 3 week ministry experience in Europe
  • 6 week internship/outreach overseas

Cornerstone is committed to offering quality training. We are a member of the European Evangelical Accreditation Association (EEAA). However, the Doorstep training programme is not accredited and does not have legal status as Higher Education in the Netherlands.

Placements to enrich your ministry experience

Weekly ministry teams

You’ll be part of the Doorstep team visiting and doing ministry in and around local refugee centres, putting into practice what you learn in the classroom and taking the opportunity to love and serve those arriving in our local area.


As a Doorstep student you can also take part in Cornerstone’s weekly ministry teams, serving the local community and sharing God’s love in a practical way. Options include kid’s clubs, youth groups, international student groups, reaching out to girls working in prostitution, street evangelism and prison ministry.

2 week vision trip in Europe

Spread throughout the year, Doorstep will take you to visit a variety of projects and organisations, feeding you with ideas, resources, advice and connections as you develop your own project or prepare to strengthen your churches existing ministry.

3 week ministry experience in Europe

You will spend three weeks working with an existing ministry/project/organisation, gaining hands on experience, working alongside experienced workers and learning more about the challenges and joys of cross-cultural work. Locations are yet to be decided.

6 week internship/ outreach overseas

Shaped around you, the 6 week internship is designed to give you the experience of living and surviving in a culture very different to your own. Depending on your level of adventure we hope to offer the opportunity for you to live with a family and learn a language that you haven’t previously been exposed to. The 6 week internship will give you a taste of cross-cultural life, work and being on the receiving end of cultural guidance and support.

What will you learn?


Tools to study the Bible


Personal formation, discipleship and growth


Theology and Mission


God’s plan for Migrants and Refugees


World Religions


Communicating the Gospel interculturally


Understanding, working and living with different cultures


Interpersonal skills for working cross-culturally


Al Massira Course


How to assist and integrate migrants and refugees
(in partnership with EIMI/AWM).

Cornerstone Bible College for Mission Training

Doorstep is a programme of Cornerstone, a Bible College in The Netherlands offering a range of programmes to help you train for mission. Taught in English, and with a strong focus on intercultural mission, our courses provide a combination of academic and practical modules, equipping you for cross-cultural work and preparing you to be more effective as you explore and follow your calling into the nations.


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